Learning When to Say Yes

 I recently read an interview in Writer’s Digest Magazine with Cheryl Strayed, author of Torch, Wild, and an online advice column on The Rumpus called “Dear Sugar”.  When asked by Christina Katz why she took on the no-byline, no-pay assignment of writing an ongoing advice column, Cheryl said “…I felt sparked when I wrote that first “Sugar” column. I said yes because it made my heart thump.”
I just love this answer! This is what is called ‘living in your sweet spot’, knowing yourself well enough to know when it is right to say “yes!”  This is the real trick to living every day with intention; only saying yes to the things that ‘make our heart thump’, because it almost always means having to say “no” to something else. So listen to your gut and fill your life with the people, places and projects that you truly believe will bring you joy.
Thank you, Cheryl, for stating it so simply!

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