Planning Events

“I really enjoyed your discussion on planning events and really appreciated all of your ideas to help me begin the planning stages (of my event)….  I am more confident and know exactly how to get the ball rolling.” 

Everyone can benefit from acquiring event planning skills. Once you learn the proper techniques and tricks, you have the potential to:


  • Maximize the proceeds from fundraisers
  • Organize a more successful conference or trade show
  • Conduct more effective meetings
  • Create memorable occasions for your friends and family
  • Become a stronger and more valuable leader in your career


“Great talk this morning!  Love your attention to detail,

which I firmly believe is a make it or break it

factor for a successful event!”


Linda can tailor her programs to any organization or event:

  • Non-Profits
  • Civic and Community Groups
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Women’s Groups
  • Meetings and Conferences


Creating and Promoting Successful Events

When you’re planning a fundraiser, gala, festival or other public event, it’s crucial to create a solid action plan, find and impress your target audience, and develop a promotional campaign strategy that helps you achieve your goals. This program explores the following components in order to insure a success event:

  • Event Planning Basics
  • The Power of Branding
  • Basic Promotional Strategies
  • Unleashing the Power of Social Media


Event Planning and The Wisdom of Betty Crocker

The Betty Crocker name is synonymous with hospitality. Through the years, Betty has been a guiding presence, encouraging and providing solutions for millions. Hospitality is also a key element in event planning. In this program, we explore the definition of true hospitality, and learn how to incorporate elements of hospitality into every aspect of our events to make them truly memorable.

  • How to be ready in detail and in spirit
  • How to entertain others while enjoying the event yourself
  • How to extend generosity by providing events that exceed expectations
  • How to serve with kindness so guests feel treasured

“Thank you again for the inspiring talk

you gave at our planning meeting yesterday”

Applying Project Management Principles to Event Planning

When you think of the term ‘project management’, you might think of a construction project or a software development project. The same principles apply to event planning. Events are projects that, when managed correctly, produce an end result that is high quality, meets expectations, and is produced on schedule and on budget.

In this session, you’ll learn how scope, resources, and schedule affect the quality of your project/event, and how to adjust your action plan as the project progresses.

  • Set goals and determine requirements
  • Identify resources (budget, people, equipment)
  • Creating an action plan and timeline in order to achieve on-time results


The World Café – Hosting Conversations That Matter

The prevailing wisdom is that talk is cheap, and a poor substitute for action. But others believe that conversation IS action. It is through meaningful conversation that relationships are built and informed decisions are made. The World Café is a method that has been used globally to facilitate meaningful conversations in order to find solutions to complex problems.

Those who are planning events understand how crucial it is to take the time to explore the vision, purpose of the event in order for it be successful. In this session you’ll learn the guiding principles of the World Café and take part in an exercise that will help you prepare to host a World Café session for your organization.

  • Learn how to identify your purpose
  • Encourage everyone’s contributions
  • Make a connection between diverse perspectives
  • Harvest and share collective discoveries



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