Planning and organizing a special occasion can be made easier with the right products, tools, service providers, and websites.  Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Pinterest Screenshot 2013-11-03 21.24.33– If you haven’t found Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for? It’s an amazing tool for organizing  the wealth of information waiting for you on web, and then sharing it with others. I’ve devoted my Pinterest site to event planning ideas for all occasions – check it out!



  • Wunderlist – If you’re list-maker, this tool is for you. If you’re not a list-maker, you need to become one! This tool allows you to create as many lists as your like for work, home, volunteer activities, shopping, etc. all in one place. Set reminders so you don’t miss a thing and share lists with colleagues, friends and family. Best of all, Wunderlist can be downloaded to all of your devices and stays synced between them all!
  • Evernote – This tool allows you to capture data in one spot and organize it for easy reference later.  Meeting notes, links to website and articles, pictures, documents, you name it, Evernote is the place to access all of the materials you need to stay on track.


  • If a paper planner is more your style, I recommend the Passion Planner. Versatile, durable, and plenty of room to keep track of all of your personal and professional activities and events. Comes in different sizes to fit your needs.


  • Forte Organizers – Professional organizers for both home and business, the experts at Forte will help you conquer the clutter in your life.





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