The Greatest Failure is the Failure to Try – Words to Live By


I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel again last weekend, and remembered why I loved it so much the first time. It’s the story of a band of misfit senior citizens, strangers who find themselves thrown together in a place far removed from everything comfortable and familiar, bound by a common quest to find a place to belong and feel wanted again. I especially connected with Judi Dench’s character, a widow who walked through her fear and embraced the challenges she faced.  In her blog to her loved ones back home, she wrote that “the greatest failure is the failure to try”, and the statement hit home for me; they are truly words to live by.

The Greatest Failure is the Failure to Try -  words to live by  - Judy Dench

How about you?  What are putting off because you’re afraid you won’t be successful?  Is it a job change, taking on a new project, asking forgiveness, making new friends, writing a book? Many times it’s the fear of failure or not measuring up to society’s standards that can paralyze us into either delaying a task or avoiding it altogether.  The only way you will ever have a chance of succeeding is by taking that first step then continually moving forward on the road to your end goal.


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