Super Bowl Party Fun

Thanks to my dear friend Tammy Jo for sharing a fun game she created for Super Bowl Game Day:

“Through the years of youth group Super Bowl parties I realized that a lot of people watch the Super Bowl who don’t even like football and may not even know much about football. This is sometimes annoying to those truly committed football fans actually interested in the game. I began to create a “Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt” for each party. The SBSH meant that if you were participating you had to pay very close attention to the actual football game because that how you got points. There is always football related points but some absurd ones as well. . . Gatorade sighting, butt pat, player spitting, beer commercial, and crowd shots spotting: John 3:16 sign, rainbow wig, painted face, Giant letter on belly, etc. In jest I used to put “Shirtless guy – 50 points / Shirtless girl 500 points. . . Then came the Janet Jackson halftime show! Suddenly it was a real possibility so I took the girl part off – just to keep the scoring fair.” :)– Tammy Jo




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