A Bridal Shower in Wonderland

bridal showerThe Adventures of Alice in Wonderland has been a beloved book for both children and adults since 1865. Our bride-to-be was no exception; from the time she was very young, she reveled in the fantasy of Alice’s dreamland, full of dangers and delights.

When it came time to plan Kelly’s bridal shower, the theme naturally turned toward throwing a fabulous tea party.

From the decor to the food and beverages, we set out to create an elegant and whimsical atmosphere; the menu consisted of delicate cucumber sandwiches, egg salad, ham salad, scones with jam and lemon curd, fresh fruit tarts, and shortbread.

Teacups borrowed from Grandma’s china were adorned with little tags that read “Drink Me”, and of course the dessert plates had matching tags that said “Eat Me.”

tea party

Great-Grandma’s teacups were filled will tiny pink rosebuds and scattered around the table, along with some milk glass vases that would later be used as table decor for the wedding reception.These were found by scouring local thrift shops,and cost next-to-nothing; after the wedding reception, guests were encouraged to take the flower-filled vases home as a keepsake – so they were repurposed three times!IMG_0632

No shower would be complete without a game or two. The sister of the bride (and maid of honor) conducted a video interview with the groom ahead of time about his childhood and his favorite things, and Kelly was asked the same questions to see just how well she knew her husband-to-be.  It was a lot of fun to watch the video to see how well their answers matched up!

IMG_0650Kelly was lucky to have all of her bridesmaids at the shower to help her and her loved ones celebrate this special occasion.  It was a beautiful afternoon that she’ll always remember.


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