A Baby Shower in Neverland

Emily is having a baby boy!  She shared her plans for the baby nursery, which had a Neverland/Peter Pan theme, so we decided to carry that theme through to the baby shower we threw for her at work a few weeks ago.  We had great time coming up with the food, fun, and decor for the party – even the guys got into the act!  Here are a few pics from our fun afternoon:

IMG_0954       IMG_0946


Game number one – drain the baby bottle!  Grab as many different kinds of juice as you can (don’t forget the prune juice!) Fill each bottle with equal amounts, about 2-3 ounces of juice, then let the contestants do their thing.  They soon learned that it’s harder than it looks!


Next, we worked in teams to finish a Peter Pan trivia game. This was tough!IMG_0964

In game 3IMG_0985, people worked in pairs to scoop a variety of bath toys from a tub of water using the Captain’s hook.  The scooper was blindfolded, and the helper gave verbal clues.  When time was up, the team with the most bath toys was the winner.





Treats included Tinkerbell Wands, Lost Boys Trail Mix, and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes.











IMG_1010       IMG_0950

Emily was overwhelmed with the wonderful gifts she received, including the beautiful patchwork quilt made by co-worker Jessica – there will be lots of cuddling under that blanket very soon!


Update: Little Martin Joseph arrived last Friday, right on schedule – mother and baby are doing great! Hope to see you soon – just take the “second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!”

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