Baby Gender Reveal – A Great Reason to Throw a Party!

I love a good excuse to throw a party; how about gathering with friends and family to announce the gender of your new little bundle?  You can combine this with a baby shower or have a separate party – why not?
Decorations are simple – think lots of pink AND blue – balloons, flowers and food. Have attendees wear in Team Blue or Team Pink gear and plan a couple of games (check out or for a few ideas).  
There are many ways to pull off the Big Reveal:
Cut the Cake – have a cake prepared that has the caked dyed either pink or blue, and iced with a neutral icing.  Cut into the cake, and taa-daa – a baby boy or baby girl is on the way!  Another option here is to have individual cupcakes with a pink or blue treat baked into the center – a jelly bean, gumball, or a mint.
Balloon Release – get a BIG box and fill it with helium balloons with the appropriate color; unwrap it and watch the sky fill with the happy news.
Pinata – fill a pinata with boy things or girl things (small toys, socks, pink or blue candy, etc.) and watch everyone cheer when they spill out all over the ground.
Keep it a REAL secret – if you really want to make things interesting, keep the secret from yourself – have the sonographer put the evidence in a sealed envelope and enjoy the surprise with your loved ones.
Have other fun ideas for a Gender Reveal Party?  Share them here!

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