Reverse Auction Fundraiser – How It’s Done

A reverse auction fundraiser is one where the last name or number called is the winner instead of the first.  A reverse auction can be organized in several different ways.  At a recent event I attended, auction organizers were raffling off an iPod Touch.   Tickets, which were actually large playing cards that were strung on a ribbon so it could be worn around the neck, were $20.00 apiece.  The odds were pretty favorable, with only 52 chances sold (54 if you count the Jokers). At intervals throughout the event, the master of ceremonies would announce ten numbers – if your card was called, you were out! The card that remained after all the others were drawn was the winner of the iPod.  Assuming the prize was a donated item, the reverse auction added a quick $1,000 to the funds raised through the silent auction and live auction conducted at this event.

Reverse Auction Fundraiser Here are a few ideas to make things a bit more interesting:

 – Adjust the cost of the ticket to the value of the prize

 – Consider a cash prize – a percentage of the ticket sales

 – Use two-part tickets so you don’t limit the number you can sell

 – Give away runner-up prizes at intervals (i.e. every 10th number)

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