Event Planning Basics – Publicity Using Images – Part 4

publicity using images

Images are an important element in engaging an audience for your event. Think about all the ways you can use photos and videos taken before, during, and after your occasion:

  • Encouraging registration or attendance by publishing appealing photos of past events
  • Publicizing your event in an industry publication, customer newsletter, or local newspaper
  • Using your inventory of images to draw from for posting on social media sites and blog posts – tagging participant photos on Facebook, videos on YouTube, and photos to add to Twitter posts along with the hashtag that is devoted to your event
  • Recognition of volunteers and sponsors
  • Images for use in next year’s registration forms and promotional material

If you can’t budget for a professional photographer to take shots of your activities, you should at least gain access to a quality, high-resolution digital camera and make a list of shots you want to make sure you get. But don’t discount the spontaneous shots taken by your attendees on their smart phones or tablets – encourage them to click and share on their social media sites as well as your own.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words!

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