Playbook for Event Planning

event planning playbook

If you’ve ever played an organized sport, you’ve had a coach who utilized a playbook, a guide for the team that outlines the strategies that they will use to win the game. It will include a schedule for practices and drills, an assessment of each team members’ strengths and weaknesses, and plays that will be used to overcome the challenges the opposing team will bring.

The same principles apply to successful event planning:

  • Preparation – visualize your goal and identify the mission-critical activities that will bring your success.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people – there are very few events that can be totally successful without a little help from trusted individuals. Be sure to choose your team members well.
  • Agility – the ability to create an action plan and then adjust that plan when necessary.
  • Perseverance – staying physically and mentally strong, and maintaining your momentum until your final goal is achieved.

Many experts will tell you that the only way to turn a vision into an achievable reality is to create and execute your action plan with the end result always in mind. So visualize the goal you want to achieve with your event and create a playbook that will help you get there!

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