Plan a Conference With Purpose

Whether it’s a customer event, a trade show, a ladies conference or an annual convention for a civic organization, there are many elements that you’ll need to consider in order to plan a conference successfully.

Plan a Conference


What is the desired outcome for your attendees? The answer to this question will determine where you focus your resources:

I want them to be Educated 

IMG_0996If this is a training event, focus your resources on meeting rooms and technology.  Be sure that presentation screens are large enough to be easily read – if not, have handouts available so attendees can follow along.

Keep an eye on temperature control – don’t let the room get too warm.  Reserve your most interactive sessions for the hour or two after the attendees have had lunch to avoid the inevitable lunch coma where people stop learning and start dozing.

Rehearse your presentations! Be sure the information you are providing is relevant to all attendees.

I want them to be Impressed

Impressed with what?  Impressed with the amount of money you spent on them?  Impressed with your organization and your products or services?  How can you orchestrate your message and your activities to provide an impression that will last long after the event has concluded?

I want them to be Motivated

Motivated to buy your product, to change their behavior, to take some other action? If motivation is your primary goal, pay close attention to the speakers and staff members that will address and interact with your attendees.  Make sure that they understand and believe in the mission of your organization and the purpose of your event.IMG_0908

Motivation can be achieved when you create some excitement and think outside the box.  Encourage casual attire, and incorporate lots of music. Make sure you plan healthy meals and snacks, great entertainment, lots of free time, and a mindful message and tone that invokes personal contemplation.

I want all of the above!

Accomplishing all of the goals listed above will require a lot of manpower and a lot of planning but it can be done.  If done well, it will become an event that people will remember for years!

Use my free conference planning workbook below to begin the process to achieving a fantastic conference for your organization.  Use the budget tab to build scenarios to make sure your event is profitable. Customize the task list and time line to match your specific needs.

Remember, if you plan with purpose your event is bound to be a success!


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