Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

I just stayed in the most amazing hotel room. This was mid-range chain hotel, not super expensive or fancy. It was just evident that whoever designed the room was laser-focused on providing a fantastic customer experience. And boy did they deliver! It was as if they knew every complaint I ever had about a hotel room and solved each problem one by one.

Customer Experience

photo by Ray Perezoso

It started when I first opened the door and the temperature controls were right at my fingertips on the wall. With a couple of clicks the air was immediately adjusting to my comfort level. Two steps later I was standing in front of a low-level table surface just perfect for placing my suitcase so I could easily unpack. Next to that, a long desk with task lighting and multiple charging outlets on a shelf above, with a lip that insured my electronics could rest safely out of the way on the shelf while charging. Looking around the room I found a fridge and microwave tucked into a sleek closet with storage underneath for bags and shoes. Next to the window was a lounging sofa and ottoman with a tiny side table the perfect height for my drink and the remote (did I mention that the television on the wall could be swiveled to be seen anywhere in the room?)

The closet had a full length mirror on the front AND back of the swinging door. The iron could be plugged in multiple spots around the room in my choice of conveniently placed electrical outlets. And the bed – OH the bed! Lots of comfy pillows and built-in charging stations on BOTH side tables. An alarm clock that was just an alarm clock, nothing more. Twist the knob to set your wake-up time, then press the knob – the alarm was confidently set for the next morning with no guesswork.

Customer Experience

photo by ilovebutter

On to the bathroom. Big, with lots of counter space for stashing my stuff. A large glass shower stall (no nasty shower curtain, and no bathtub; after all, who really takes baths in a hotel room bathtub ?!?) A bright ceiling light inside the shower so you can see what you’re doing, and a shelf carved into the wall to place as many shampoos and scrubs as you like. A high shower head with good pressure and a little step/ledge to help with leg-shaving. Lots of white fluffy towels that dried in a flash. A magnifying mirror on the counter, and handy pegs to hold towels and clothing.

This hotel got it right. They listened to their clients, and devoted their resources to providing the ultimate customer experience at a reasonable price. Will I be rating this hotel online? – YES! Will they be happy with my rating? – YES! Will I stay there again and recommend it to my friends? – ABSOLUTELY!

Every business, every event planner, and every service organization should take a note and think like this company did when they designed their hotel. What can you do today to “up” your game and provide the best customer experience for your clients?

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