Avoiding Dorm Room Drama – Tips for College Freshmen

So you’re heading to college and in a few short weeks – congratulations! This will be one of the most exciting times of your life.  It can also be a little stressful!  Here are a few tips to make the transition a little easier:

– Thoroughly read what your college sends you – they have lots of experience with how to make move-in day as smooth as possible and they’ll help you avoid some of the mistakes that people before you have made.

– Don’t wait until move-in day to buy supplies – expect long lines and higher prices on campus for computer and office supplies, storage and shelving units, etc.

– Rethink taking your own desk chair, desk lamp, or wastebasket.  Don’t waste your money buying those color-coordinated items that are found in abundance from mid to late summer. If these items are already provided by the school they’re probably required to stay in the room.  Even though they may be somewhat industrial you may be stuck with them.  To make them more bearable,buy a brightly colored seat cushion and cover the wastebasket with removable contact paper.

– Avoid bringing two of everything.  As soon as you get the contact information for your new roommate, get in touch with them and start talking about how to divide up the list of necessities you will bring to the living space.  You won’t have room for two televisions, two microwaves, two game systems, two area rugs, etc., so save yourself some money and space by working it out with your roommates ahead of time.

dorm room


– Check the college website for room layouts. You can expect to have 24-36 inches of clothes hanging space with some room above or below for shoe storage and a laundry basket, 3-4 dresser drawers, a desk with a drawer or two, and possibly some room under the bed for a flat storage bin, and a couple of coat hooks.  Keep this in mind when packing. Measure out about 30 inches of hanging space in your closet at home and don’t take any more that what will fit in that space.  If you have a floor to ceiling closet in your dorm room take advantage of hangers that will hold multiple pairs of pants or skirts.

– If your school allows lofting of the beds, consider doing it.  Taking advantage of the vertical space in the room frees up a lot of floor space.  This makes it more reasonable to entertain bringing some other comforts from home, i.e. a futon to sit on and to house overnight guests, a chair, television stand or shelving unit. Bedloft.com has arrangements with lots of universities to provide bed-lofting equipment for a low annual rental fee which includes set-up and tear-down.  It’s worth every penny!

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